Taji Torrilhon

Stories in Harmony with Laura Ferreiro

How do you build a brand and a business through effective storytelling? And why is storytelling the magic dust in your business?

Today I sit down with fellow brand messaging and storytelling strategist Taji Torrilhon about how to use stories to connect with your ideal audience and build your brand. We also discuss dealing with imposter syndrome and how perfectionism can hold you back from accomplishing your goals. We offer some of our favorite tips for using your brand values and memorable instances in your life to create compelling brand stories that set you apart and make creating content straightforward, easy, and dare we say fun!
Taji is a trauma-informed Business Mentor and Story Coach and two-time Moth Story winner. She lives with her wife of 25 years and their son in Los Angeles. In 2022 she co-founded CO(OP, a community of sexual trauma survivors.

The topics we discuss:

- Why brand storytelling is the magic dust in your business.
- What it means to be a trauma-informed business coach.
- How to deal with imposter syndrome.
- Why perfectionism is holding you back from achieving your goals in marketing and in life.
- Tips for using your brand values and memorable instances in your life to create compelling brand stories.


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Laura Ferreiro is a brand storytelling strategist for artists & entrepreneurs who want to genuinely connect with their ideal audience. She helps clients embody their authentic brand story so they can grow their business and feel confident sharing their message.

A journalist whose writing has appeared in Rolling Stone, NME, the Los Angeles Times, Nylon, Yahoo, LA Weekly, and Variety, she's driven by a desire to tell stories that capture people’s attention and motivate them to action.