Clear & Confident Story
& Narrative Development

Sharing your story is the most important skill you can develop to attract your ideal audience. Get the support you need to unearth, identify & confidently share your stories in ways that feel authentic and reflect who you truly are so you can connect with the people you want to reach to increase your income & impact.

We'll spend 90 minutes together on a video call getting crystal clear on your goals, mission, vision and core values. We'll identify the "why" behind what you do & what makes your story unique.

Then I’ll deliver a strategy customized just for you that bullets your most compelling stories & newsworthy angles to share with your audience via your website, social media, blog posts, PR/media outreach, in videos, marketing materials & more.

I'll also give you effective storytelling techniques to make content creation easy, fun, authentic and reflect who you truly are (no cookie-cutter AI content here!). Your content will sound like you & make people want to lean in.

Using the power of story, you’ll attract the people you're meant to connect with and who need what you're offering.

These stories & narratives can be used for:
Website Content Social Media Posts
Marketing Emails Blog Posts & Newsletters
Media Relations/PR Outreach Video Content
Pitch Decks Public Speaking Podcast Interviews
Marketing Materials & More

This is for you if:

  • You're a creative, entrepreneur or business owner who wants to grow your audience & increase your impact through the power of storytelling.
  • You're a creative or business owner who's nervous about sharing your own story or don't see a connection between your story and your art or business.
  • You're an artist or writer who's looking to more clearly define your artist identity.
  • You're a creative who loves putting your art or music out but you're unsure how to put yourself out there & share your stories in a compelling way.
  • You have a nonprofit and you're looking for powerful stories to connect with donors and supporters.
  • You want to attract media attention for your project or business.


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Freedom Through Storytelling 1:1 Coaching

Freedom Through Storytelling is a three-month 1:1 coaching experience to help you unearth your most magnetic stories and amplify your messages to attract your ideal audience and share your gifts with the world.

Sharing your story is the single most important skill you can develop to attract & grow your audience. I'll help you identify your most compelling stories, dissolve blocks and give you techniques for crafting stories and narratives you can use to create content for the foreseeable future.

I'll also work with you to create a 90-day action plan and give you guidance, feedback & support along the way so you can reach your goals and grow your business & income.


Content Creation to Expand Your Reach & Elevate Your Brand

Using powerful words, images and stories, I'll help you reach your ideal audience in ways that truly resonate and convert them into loyal customers, clients and fans.

  • Website content creation & copywriting
  • Bio writing
  • Email marketing copy
  • Write or refresh your "About" page
  • Video strategy + creation
  • Social media storytelling strategy
  • Press release writing

Ready to share your unique story?