“It's through the stories of others that we find ourselves.”

—Laura Ferreiro

I'm Laura Ferreiro, a writer, storytelling coach, and communications strategist. It's wonderful to meet you!

As someone who has always loved getting lost in a good book or a movie and who has a deep fascination with other people's stories, it's no wonder that I've spent my entire career helping people share their stories.

Studying English and Journalism in college, I discovered I had an innate curiosity and ability for helping people share their gifts through words and stories. I avidly pursued a career in journalism, moving to Los Angeles and writing for outlets including the Los Angeles Times, Yahoo, the Press Enterprise, Rolling Stone, LA Weekly, NME and Variety.

When an opportunity came to live in London and manage marketing & communications for the international nonprofit WaterAid, I jumped at the chance. Here I flexed my storytelling skills in new ways, doing organizational branding and traveling to Nepal to interview people in remote villages in the Himalayan foothills to uncover their fascinating stories.

Although I loved doing this work, I was always telling other people’s stories, and never my own. As someone who doesn't typically like being the center of attention, I felt more comfortable letting someone else take the spotlight. (Maybe you can relate?)

My career as a writer and marketing communications strategist made this easy; I stayed behind the scenes interviewing people, crafting their stories and sharing their messages, conveniently avoiding telling my own.

Don’t get me wrong—I absolutely love helping other people and organizations share their stories. In fact, I believe it’s one of my higher purposes and reasons for being on this planet. But I realized that in order to do the work I was meant to do helping purpose-driven businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs powerfully share their stories, I could no longer hide behind the scenes. It was time to be bold, put myself out there and tell my own story.

My goal is to help you know deep down in your bones that you have something unique and valuable to share with the world, and to give you the tools, techniques, and inspiration to do it most effectively.

A few years later, shortly after the pandemic began and I had returned home to California,

my marketing communications client work slowed to a trickle. It was a scary time, but instead of frantically hustling to bring in more business, I slowed down, meditated and revitalized my yoga practice. When I got quiet and reflected, a realization came that I was afraid to share my own stories, and I could only authentically help others powerfully share their stories and embody their messages if I transcended my fears & put myself out into the world in new ways.

Instead of immediately jumping back into the fray doing marketing work, I carved out time to tell a story of my own that I’d been burning to tell and I finished writing my first novel based on my experiences in Nepal, quieting the voices in my head that said it wasn’t good enough. I also created the Stories in Harmony podcast in which I interview musicians, entrepreneurs and other public figures to share their stories, putting myself out there as a voice of authority.

I also launched Story Harmony so I could help people like you powerfully share and embody your most compelling and authentic stories. My goal is to help you know deep down in your bones that you have something unique and valuable to share with the world, and to give you the tools, techniques, and inspiration to do it most effectively, even (and especially) if you don't feel comfortable being the center of attention.

Now I help entrepreneurs, creatives, brands, nonprofits and conscious business leaders identify and share their most powerful brand stories to magnetize their ideal audiences and grow their business. We get clear on your values, your unique purpose and the "why” behind what you do, which informs all levels of your business. We'll also work together to break through whatever holds you back from powerfully sharing your stories so you can achieve your goals, generate results and share your magic with the world.

Ready to share your most authentic stories to grow your business?