Scott Harris

Stories in Harmony with Laura Ferreiro

The renowned builder/architect/designer on following your intuition, learning how to create a home that soothes your soul and why we don’t talk about the Jedi mind.

Scott Hamilton Harris is considered one the foremost building contractors in the U.S. and a “triple threat” who’s an expert in design, architecture & building. He’s built and restored numerous luxury homes and commercial properties, including building famed eco-friendly and sustainable homes for celebrity clients such as Ed Begley Jr. and Hollywood directors, as well as co-founding the Building Construction Group in 2005.

When Scott was just five years old, he became fascinated by how things were built and put together. He started taking apart & rebuilding common household items and secretly visited building sites as a teenager to see how they did things and to get ideas of how they could be done better and as an attempt to improve a difficult childhood by creating a beautiful living environment for his family.

Scott is an incredible example of how, when you decide to follow your passion, you can create a thriving career getting paid to do something you love and living out your dharma, or your higher purpose in life.

He also uses intuition to help clients build their dream homes and as an effective way to gain new clients, which he tells us about in this conversation. We also talk about how a synchronicity that was a wrong number ended up being a multi-million dollar client and so much more.


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