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Mindset Tips to Promote Yourself with Ease

By Ariane Paras

You love being an artist because you’re passionate about writing, playing, creating or performing.

You didn’t get into this industry to create endless content for social media, and you dream of a world where your art would speak for itself. However, you know that in order for your music or art to reach your audience, you need to promote yourself first. If this feels uncomfortable, that’s because it is! It can feel vulnerable, or even scary, to expose yourself in that way, especially when you’re sensitive.

Thankfully, self-promotion is a skill you can learn and get better at with practice.

Here are a few mindset tips to help you feel more at ease when you promote yourself, so your music and creative projects can reach who it’s meant to reach.

The first thing is to examine your fears, whether they’re about rejection, being seen and possibly being misinterpreted, or about what others think of you. It’s ok to have those fears (we all do!), but don’t let them hold you back. Name the fears. Befriend them. Ask yourself: what’s the worst that can happen? And what’s the best that can happen?

Learn to separate your sense of self-worth from other people’s opinion of you (especially strangers on the internet). Letting go of your need to be validated is a radical choice in a world of social media designed to keep people looking for approval outside themselves, and comparing themselves to others. Don’t be overly attached to how your music or content is being received. Strive to improve with practice, and call out your inner critic if it appears. Acknowledge yourself for showing up and have your own back.

It’s also helpful to change your perspective about what it means to promote yourself. When you shift the focus away from you (I need to sell tickets or records) and onto your audience (they enjoy discovering new music), it lessens the anxiety around self-promotion. Think about your favorite music finds or artists you came across that you may have collaborated with. How would have this happened if those artists hadn’t put themselves out there?

Finally, use your creativity and let your personality shine through when you pitch or promote yourself. Think of self-promotion as another avenue for your self-expression. Share your creative universe. Remember, you get to do it your way and have fun with it!

Ariane Paras is a life & career coach and founder of Olympia Coaching. With 15 years’ experience in the music business, she helps artists and music professionals reach their goals and get their careers to the next level. She guides and supports them so they find clarity, direction and confidence, and get the money and recognition they deserve. Book your free consultation now:

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