Jaguar Jonze

Stories in Harmony with Laura Ferreiro

Australian singer/songwriter Jaguar Jonze on breaking out of your comfort zone, speaking out against abusers and the magical power of storytelling.

It’s not every day you come across an artist as bold and self-aware as Jaguar Jonze. The rising Australian singer/songwriter and visual artist born Deena Lynch grew up in a household where expressing herself through music and art were discouraged. To live up to her family’s expectations, she pursued a career as a financial analyst. But she quickly discovered that she was not happy on this path that left a vital part of herself unexpressed. So she took the courageous step of being true to herself pursuing her art.

In our chat, Deena tells us how she found the courage to choose to the path of an artist after being raised with traditional Asian values that frowned upon this, the importance of community and connection, and how storytelling and art are the most powerful ways to creating genuine connection.

We also discuss how Deena uses somatic therapy as a way of releasing trauma stored in her body and to help dismantle complex PTSD she experienced, and how it helped inspire her gorgeous album “Bunny Mode.” We also hear how Deena bravely came forward to publicly talk about how she was sexually harassed and how opening up about it has helped unlock conversations about how to prevent this from happening to other people in the music industry.

Deena also offers tips for finding courage and self-confidence and using creativity to express your truth in a productive way.

The topics we discuss:

- How Deena found the courage to pursue a career as a musician and artist after working as a financial analyst and growing up in a conservative Asian household

- Tips for breaking out of your comfort zone

- How somatic therapy can help release stored trauma and grief from the body

- Jaguar Jonze’s new album “Bunny Mode”

- Why sharing your story is valuable and can help build community around you that makes it easier to take risks.

- How Deena found her voice on her advocacy journey speaking out against sexual harassment in the music industry.

- The importance of storytelling for building and connecting with your audience.


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