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Four Simple Mindset Shifts for Putting Yourself Out There & Marketing Yourself Online

By Laura Ferreiro

As someone who doesn’t feel entirely comfortable being the center of attention, I know how hard it can be to promote yourself, your brand and your work online. But if you’re here, you understand the power of the digital space and how it can be harnessed to connect with your people. The only way to effectively harness this power, however, is to take action. So here are four simple mindset shifts for getting out of your head to make it easy to share your message and gifts on camera and on the page.

1. Sure, our stories are about us, but they’re really about them. We often think that our stories are about us, and of course they are. But they’re also about the people we’re trying to reach. So shift your attention off of yourself and onto the people you serve. By sharing your own struggles and how you overcame them, it creates a powerful connection with your audience and shows them that they’re not alone and they can get through similar challenges too.

For example, in the intro I shared that I’ve often struggled to promote myself. This is 100% true, but it’s also a challenge faced by many people and brands I work with. So by sharing this and shifting my focus away from myself and onto my audience, it creates a connection with people who may have had similar experiences or know someone who has.

2. Add value and lean in to your unique gifts. When you authentically show up as yourself rather than trying to be like somebody else, people see you for who you really are, the unique value you offer, and it helps you build the “know, like and trust” factor, which makes it more likely that they’ll want to work with you or buy from you.

So instead of feeling self-conscious that the spotlight is on you, shift the focus onto your audience, fans, clients and customers. Offer them your unique gifts and add value so they’ll benefit from being in your world. An added bonus is that often when you consistently put yourself out there in ways that are outside of your comfort zone, unexpected connections and opportunities come your way.

3. Connect with your WHY. Why do you do what you do? What gets you motivated on even the roughest days? You might think it's about earning money, and that could be part of it. But odds are that’s just a byproduct of what you do. If you work with clients, it might be about the transformations you help facilitate. If you’re a musician, it might be about exchange of positive energy you share with your audience. If you offer a product, maybe it’s because of the problems it solves or how it makes your customers feel about themselves. Connect with your “why” as a powerful motivator to get your message out there.

4. Done is better than perfect. This one is my favorite. We can spend hours, days and even weeks trying to perfect our messaging, getting the video just right, making the blog post bulletproof. Meanwhile, we delay, make a million revisions, procrastinate, and don’t actually put it out into the world. Then we end up judging and criticizing ourselves for it. Enough with that noise. As author Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book “Big Magic,” done is better than good. This means that finishing it is more important than getting it perfect. This mindset helped me finish writing my first novel and quiet the voices in my head that said it wasn’t good enough long enough to actually do the work. And while you certainly want to put your best foot forward, it’s never going to be perfect anyway. So just finish the damn thing. You don't do anybody any favors by not shining your light brightly.

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Laura Ferreiro is a brand storytelling strategist for artists & entrepreneurs who want to genuinely connect with their ideal audience. She helps clients embody their authentic brand story so they can grow their business and feel confident sharing their message.

A journalist whose writing has appeared in Rolling Stone, NME, the Los Angeles Times, Nylon, Yahoo, LA Weekly, and Variety, she's driven by a desire to tell stories that capture people’s attention and motivate them to action.

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