Annika Rose

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Annika Rose is a gifted singer/song writer from Los Angeles. Annika started singing in YouTube videos when she was just eight years old, and ended up signing to Simon Cowell’s record label with a girl group in her pre-teens. After being dropped from the label and navigating some of the perils and pitfalls of the music industry at a very young age, she’s building a thriving career as an independent artist.

Annika’s story is unlike anyone else’s. Her mother identified as a lesbian when Annika was a teenager, divorced her father and ended up marrying Annika’s much-younger manager. Meanwhile, during pandemic lockdown, Annika was taking a mental health walk one morning on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles and got hit by a truck and ended up in the hospital. Also, her father was diagnosed with a serious illness and ended up moving in with Annika’s mother and her new wife who cared for him along with Annika.

Through all of the ups and downs of these rollercoaster experiences, Annika maintained tremendous optimism, learned valuable life lessons and became more determined than ever to make music on her own terms.

She’s releasing singles including “Bruises” and “In My Head” as limited collection audio NFTs and creating accompanying videos and virtual experiences.

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